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Avalon Post Office Promotes Informed Delivery Mail Tracking

Avalon Post Office Employees: Carriers Greg White, and Joe Garrison, Sales & Service Associates Jack Cline and David Wiggins, Letter Carrier John Yoast, and Avalon Postmaster Melissa Lomax.

The Avalon Post Office Promotes the Informed Delivery Mail Tracking Feature

Team Avalon Post Office finds ourselves preparing for the end of those lazy, hazy days of summer as we make our deliveries around town in the hot weather and vibrant green foliage. Our neighborhoods are bustling with residents whose presence ensures our long standing business of mail delivery.

Although the fall and winter months here in Avalon are generally quite tame weather wise, the mail and packages this year will keep us busy. Day in and day out, Team Avalon Post Office delivers. In fact, our community’s year round residents and businesses keep us steady in and out of the office.

We have our customers to thank for that level of inspiration that keeps us delivering up to seven days a week for over 200 years. It’s because of our customers, that we find ourselves delivering the best possible service that we can. With service that begins with an over-the-counter retail transaction, where you can peruse the various types of commemorative and everyday stamps right at your fingertips that’ll really make your party and wedding invitations pop, to the efforts behind finding the status of a shipped package: Team Avalon delivers along with Post Office™ teams throughout the country.

Over 200 years of service

On July 27, 2017 The Postal Service® entered its 242nd year of delivering the mail and we continue to bind our nation and world together through this delivery! With changes in usage of First-Class Mail™, package delivery has grown significantly.

Today’s package delivery is impressive. We simply don’t just deliver dad’s ties for Father’s Day or mom’s dress for the wedding anymore…we now deliver vital medicines, groceries, home cleaning supplies, books, antiques, and much more that can be imagined from all over the world.

Informed Delivery® lets you know what’s on its way

Don’t forget to stop by your local post office location or check online how you can sign up for the Informed Delivery mail tracking feature. Seeing what’s in the mail has never been more convenient. Informed Delivery provides participating consumers with access to their household’s mail wherever, whenever — even as they travel. That’s bridging our history with our future! Visit to sign up.

So as you are reading this nestled in your home or on the beach, know that your local Post Office employees look forward to delivering your mail and delivering our service any season!


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