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Celebration in the Cards

Mailing a Celebration

Who doesn’t like to get a birthday card in the mail? Everyone loves to see his or her name on the front of any card, and now there is the added Informed Delivery® notification. It is like opening your mailbox and seeing that card – but in your email instead.

How about this for an idea and birthday card excitement? A few years back, my mother-in-law was celebrating her 80th birthday. Being the youngest of 13, and with four children of her own, 16 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, she did not want a huge birthday party. My wife respected her wish, however, she pushed the envelope in letting everyone know about the “no party” birthday request. She found a picture of her mother as a child, wrote a poem about her wish and asked everyone to write something special about her. More than 100 requests were mailed to family and friends. Each request included a blank card and a stamped envelope pre-addressed to her mom.

Normally, a small response would have been expected. But before long many cards were showing up in her mailbox. She had no idea about the birthday card idea but was eventually told after receiving more than 95 cards in the mail. Some cards included very emotional thoughts, and she replied to each with a personal message of her own. She categorized and kept each card as a special souvenir.

What a return on investment for the price of a stamp!


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