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Do You Appreciate Your Letter Carrier?

Without my letter carrier, this hobby of mine would be a lot less fun. My letter carrier has a hard job. I’m sure there is a lot of debate, most justified, about the payroll and benefits enjoyed by the common postal worker in contrast to the amount of money the Postal Service is bleeding off every month. That is a far bigger issue than I know how to tackle and besides this is a pen blog. What I do know is my letter carrier works hard, is a kind person and displays every perception that they care about their job and they care about getting my mail to its destination on time and undamaged. For $.46 I still think it’s a bargain even though I know as a taxpayer I’m paying more than that on the back end. Again a bigger issue than I can tackle.

In return I try to make their job as easy as I can even though I know I am one mailbox of hundreds on their route each day. Plus if I catch them when I’m home there is always a free cold bottled water waiting for them. Some of the things I do to try and help:

– I lean my letters against the wall of the mailbox to make them easier to grab

– My trash cans are far away from the mailbox on pickup day

– My trees are trimmed of any low hanging limbs

– I don’t park any of my cars and I ask my visitors to not park in the street near a mailbox

– My mailbox flag, door hinge and door catch all work smoothly and easily

These easy steps are just my way of saying thanks and being considerate to the work of another human being. Another level of good service my letter carrier provides is handling all the many packages I get in the mail. They could easily put the little pink slip in my mailbox when the package doesn’t fit and then I have to go to the post office to pick up my pen and ink orders. Instead my letter carrier gets out of their vehicle and walks it up to my front porch.  Saving me ALOT of time.

How well do you know your letter carrier?

Bob McConnell


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