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Employee Story: Most Romantic Shipment

Employee Story: Most romantic shipment

Working here in the Brush Valley Post Office in Brush Valley, PA, I would have to say the most interesting item that I processed for a customer was a park bench. Now, I want to say that this was probably the most romantic item I shipped. Here is the story:

A couple came in asking if what they had was too large to mail. I looked at the box, measured it up and gave them a price. I asked the question “Does this contain anything liquid, fragile, perishable or potentially hazardous, like lithium batteries or perfumes?” They answered, no, and proceeded to tell me that it was a park bench. Their son-in-law had asked their daughter to marry him on that bench and now he wanted it shipped to their new home in California. He was going to surprise his now wife for their one year anniversary by putting the bench in their yard and walking her out to it! I thought that this was such a romantic and thoughtful thing for him to do, to bring a little piece of their history to their new beginning.

The price to ship the bench was probably more than what the bench costs, but it was important to him to have it for her. When I think about this story I can just see the two of them sitting in the evening out in their yard arms around each other and remembering when he proposed. So sweet!

Heather Rankin

Officer in Charge

Brush Valley, PA


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