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Energy Action Month 2014

For the past seven years, the Postal Service has celebrated Energy Action Month. It’s a time where as an organization we remember our commitment to action by engaging employees to conserve energy and promote efficiency.

Some may think that an organization with the size and scope of the Postal Service only takes grand measures to conserve – but that’s not necessarily the case. Many seemingly small changes embraced by our workforce have helped the U.S. Postal Service reduce facility energy usage by 33 percent since 2003.

As the Postal Service’s Chief Sustainability Officer, I believe that big changes start with small steps. Our employees prove this every day. They have been doing their part to conserve energy for years by shutting off lights when letter carriers leave for the morning, reporting water leaks as soon as possible, and ensuring that outside doors on plant loading docks are tightly sealed and shut. Most of these actions are low or no cost, meaning they don’t require a lot of resources, but can add up to big savings.

The Postal Service reaches every neighborhood almost every day. We feel it’s our duty to be good neighbors and to do our best to protect the environment and conserve energy. This month, I hope you can take a lesson from our employees and take small steps in your home or office to lead to positive change.

What steps will you take this month to better conserve energy and increase efficiency at home or work?


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