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Happy Earth Day from the Postal Service™!

When you think of the Postal Service, a lot of things probably come to mind: mail and stamps, letter carriers and your local Post Office™, and of course our ubiquitous trucks.

We hope you think of sustainability too. Like many of our counterparts in the mailing industry and federal sector, we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact.

We focus on sustainability internally and externally. Since we’re in a unique position to serve nearly all Americans almost every day, we try to help our customers “go green.” Our Priority Mail products are made with recycled materials, and we offer special services for business customers to account for the carbon footprints of their mailings.

The Postal Service also works to reduce energy use and incorporate new efficiency standards into our daily operations and facilities.

Our employee “Lean Green” teams are especially important to this mission. More than 1,300 postal teams participate to implement no- or low-cost sustainability projects in their facilities. As they demonstrate, this sustainability doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple actions like recycling used materials or turning off the lights can have a positive impact. At the grassroots level, our employees are making a difference every day.

Are you “going green” around your home and community? Share your experiences in the comments section below.


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