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Happy New Year Returns

Returning in the New Year

It is hard to believe that another holiday season has come and gone, and here we are in 2019!

Anyone who knows me well knows I love music. In fact, I have a pictures of musical legends who have appeared on stamps hanging on the wall behind me here at my desk in Government Relations.

Our house was filled with songs as I was growing up, thanks to the musical influence of my mom. These legendary sounds were the driving force that inspired me to become a singer and musician myself. To this day, I still perform road shows all over the Midwest with my Illinois-based band. Mom’s musical influence also reached other members of the family, including my sister (a Postmaster), my brother-in-law (a rural carrier) and my dad (a retired rural carrier), who all play and perform in the band with me (so I guess we are a “postal” band too!). We love doing classic rockabilly songs at our shows. One of my favorites is “Return to Sender,” which is very “fitting” for this time of year — all the Christmas cookies I ate over the holiday season have my pre-holiday clothing orders arriving too snug!

Luckily, businesses can use the Postal Service to make it easy for customers like me to return a package and exchange the size I thought I was going to be for the size I am after the holiday eating spree! The Postal Service provides quick, convenient and flexible ways to return items, such as USPS Returns® Services. Using the Postal Service to provide hassle-free returns can enhance customer loyalty, increase sales and control costs.

Businesses can provide return labels in a variety of ways:

  1. Include one in the original shipment box

  2. Use the cloud platform

  3. Integrate the USPS Returns tool on a website

  4. Let customers print their own

  5. Request one through the USPS Print and Deliver Shipping Label Service

More information about USPS Returns® Services is available on our website.


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