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Home and Small Business Shipping

Supporting Home and Small Business Shipping Needs

Day-to-day business operations are constantly changing, especially for home-based and small-business owners who work through the unprecedented challenges of today. We have seen the effects of social distancing, which has shuttered store fronts yet increased sales for some local and online vendors.

The Postal Service can help with your mailing needs from your home or office:  

  1. Postal carriers serve every address in America by delivering mail and packages.

  2. Post Office locations are open — with normal business hours — for dropping off and picking up mail and packages.

  3. Direct Mail is a great way to get news about operational changes, such as limited store hours, curbside ordering or home delivery. Business owners and entrepreneurs who use this service are able to design, print and mail relevant information to their customers safely and securely through this portal.

  4. Online ordering and fulfillment is in great demand, especially for millions of home-based and local businesses. These businesses rely on great service and offer ship-from-store options for their customers.

  5. Need shipping supplies? You can order free Priority Mail boxes delivered to your home or office.

  6. Schedule free package pickup for packages you would like to mail out.

  7. Click-N-Ship is great way to print and pay for postage from your home or office printer.

The Postal Service been delivering to the American public for more than 240 years. You can rely on us to continue to provide the products and services most needed for our customers, even during the most uncertain times. So when you see our iconic red, white and blue postal trucks in your neighborhood or use postal products and services to help you with your mailing needs, remember that our commitment to serve our communities is as strong today as it ever was.


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