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Looking for Santa’s Helpers

The Magic of Santa

There’s something about the holiday season that brings out the best in people. Regardless of age, ethnicity, or religious belief, we all want to believe in the magic of the holiday season. But for many, the holidays are a struggle. Feeding a family, providing safe housing, and just surviving, takes precedence over buying toys and gifts. For these families and children, Santa’s magic is hard to find.

This year marks the 108th year of USPS Operation Santa, a program that makes it possible for all of us to help Santa bring joy to children and families around the country. For an inside look at this hundred-year old tradition, you won’t want to miss the Dear Santa documentary available on Dec. 4, 2020, in theaters and on demand.

Every year, thousands of letters sent to Santa from children and families arrive at Post Offices around the country. Many children, such as Meghan, ask for toys and games.

“Dear Santa, this year I only want two things. One thing is that I want all the kids in the world to have toys or at least a happy time during the holidays. And the other thing I want is a mood necklace. Sincerely, Meghan”

Other families ask for basic necessities.

“Dear Santa, the only thing I want for Christmas is that my kids are happy, and they have a wonderful day. If I get anything it would be stuff for the house like pillows, blankets, dish soap, toilet paper, laundry soap, etc., Bye, Amber.”

We’ve made it easy for kids and families to participate and make a WISH come true:

  1. Write clearly

  2. Include what you want: clothes, shoes, sizes, colors, toys + YOUR address

  3. Stamp on the envelope and address to Santa

  4. Happy Holiday!

And don’t forget to use Santa’s official workshop address:

Help make dreams come true

Last year, more than 12,000 letters to Santa were adopted. More than 12,000 children and families had a happy holiday when they otherwise might not have. Anyone who has the means and wants to give back is encouraged to participate and help a family or child in need experience the magic of the season this year.

USPS Operation Santa teaches us all how the kindness of strangers can help make dreams come true. It also demonstrates there is a lot of good in the world and makes us grateful for the small things. With the year many of us have had, we all could use that reminder!

“Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I don’t want anything for Christmas but for my mom to be happy.”

USPS Operation Santa is available nationwide

This year we are offering the USPS Operation Santa digital program to children nationwide. And anyone can adopt a letter and fulfill their wishes. The site will open for letter adoption on Dec. 4, 2020.

If you want to help someone in need, or just want to keep the magic of Santa alive in a child, check out USPS Operation Santa at Be part of the magic.


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