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Microbusinesses work!

What is a microbusiness?

Many Americans operate home-based microbusinesses — a trend that has increased in the past few months. With people being furloughed and many brick-and-mortar businesses shuttering their doors nationwide, many resilient entrepreneurs have found innovative ways to redefine their business or livelihood. Microbusinesses are a great way to start a new business or add an online presence for an existing small business.

Working from home

Home-based endeavors can help shape the future of our country. But where can you turn to get information on attracting customers, and how will you handle order fulfillment and returns? Don’t let any of these concerns stop you! The Postal Service you already rely on can assist and help you feel confident in your ability to start and run a successful business.

Grow Your Business

Ask your local Postmaster for information to help your endeavors. Virtual Grow Your Business Days events allow current and future business owners to ask questions directly to a local business development specialist who will guide you to find the best ways to grow your business. Additional resources can be found on our small business website.

Our online Postal Store offers free packaging supplies, free package pickup, online Click-N-Ship label printing services and direct mail options to assist with all types of mailing needs for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Every Door Direct Mail is another service that can help promote your small business in your local community. And, our new Loyalty Program is designed to help microbusinesses that use postal supplies and services to build their presence in their communities and online.

At the Postal Service we deliver for you — and when you start a new business, we’ll deliver for your customers too.


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