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#PostalProud at USPS

A Peek into Our Peak Season

Every day postal pride cascades through the thousands of Postal Service employees serving you — our customer — especially during our busiest season as we transport gifts from Santa’s workshop to your home.

#PostalProud was created to promote a sense of pride in what our employees do every day. It offers a window into the work lives of postal elves everywhere. They are hard at work, just like Santa’s elves.

As postal employees, we share what makes us proud, how we work together as a team and how we recognize the important role we have in “connecting people and businesses throughout the country and the world,” as described by Skaneateles, New York Letter Carrier Zbigniew Macko.

If you read what these holiday magic-makers are saying, you may see some of them repeating the same sentiments. But know this for sure, they rely on and appreciate your business as an impetus for their hard work.

“We buckle down and do our job to the best of our abilities as quickly and efficiently as possible,” says Framingham, Massachusetts Letter Carrier Michael Lafreniere. “To the carrier, our customer is our first priority.”

During this busy season, pride in oneself and the team is not taken for granted. For Cranford, New Jersey Letter Carrier Melissa Hardin, “Keeping a smile throughout the day and not letting anyone steal your joy” helps her maintain her resolve to deliver the mail.

“Everybody works collectively to get it done, it’s very fluid,” says Elybeth Rodriguez, an electronics technician who works behind the scenes in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, to keep mail processing machines “running at top performance in order to ensure mail is properly sorted and delivered on time to our customers.”

“What really makes me proud of my daily work,” says San Juan, Puerto Rico Bulk Mail Technician Michael Marcial “is the positive feedback received from our customers.

“When I witness how postal products help businesses grow, it really pushes me to continue on giving the extra mile. It feels good to see that satisfaction and positive reaction,” he says.

Getting down to business is key. We take pride in being able to take on the elements (snow, rain and sleet) and get the mail delivered. There is also pride in seeing the vastness of our shipping network.

“It’s an amazing service,” says one employee who’s only been with the Postal Service for four years. Milford, New Hampshire Retail Associate Don Butler describes the U.S. Mail system as “reasonably priced and reliable” and deliveries are made every day to more than 158 million locations — including your mailbox.

Proof is in the figgy pudding, as Butler has waited on customers from 20 countries during his short tenure. “[International customers] gush over the Postal Service because their experiences in the countries they come from are nowhere near as efficient as our organization. They have something to compare it to. It puts it into perspective.”

The Postal Service’s more than 31,000 retail offices and 600,000+ employees are the tip of this shipping iceberg — with many more resources for Santa’s Workshop and the whole country to draw upon.

May we always be #PostalProud to serve you!


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