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Shop Locally and Thank a Small Business Owner

I’m lucky to live in an area that’s populated with many small and local independently run businesses. I use the services of my neighborhood businesses every chance I get.

I’ve come to truly admire the unrelenting spirit of entrepreneurism that drives the men and women running these businesses. Be they a coffee shop barista, local real estate agent, dry cleaner or hair stylist, they all bring an undeniable passion and enthusiasm for getting the job done each and every day.

Small businesses are extremely important to us here at the U.S. Postal Service®. We help build and support small businesses by delivering directly to 159 million delivery addresses across the country. We understand small businesses are vital to the health of our economy, our communities and basic livelihoods. We care about doing our part to keep them thriving.

This year’s annual National Small Business Week was May 5-11, but anytime is the perfect time to “shop small business” by patronizing local and small businesses in your community.

To support small businesses, the Postal Service offers “Grow Your Business Day” events in local Post OfficeTM locations nationwide. Last year, we hosted more than 6,000 “Grow Your Business Day” events around the country, and this year we plan to host even more. This is just one of many ways the Postal Service® supports local businesses.

We want to educate everyone on the best ways to include direct mail components in marketing their products and services. These events are a great way to share best shipping practices that can help small businesses reduce expenses, increase profits and grow their customer loyalty.

Help support small businesses. Make time to try a new restaurant on your next date night, or find that perfect handmade scarf after getting a manicure at a local salon. Even if shopping online, shop small by choosing a local independent business with online ordering ability.

And remember to take a minute to let your local shop keeper and their staff know how much you appreciate what they do and that they are a valued part of the community.


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