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Small Business Marketing Solutions

Small Business Marketing Solutions

Small businesses are popping up online and in local neighborhoods across the nation at a remarkable pace. According to the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, 30.2 million small businesses accounted for 99.9% of all businesses in 2018, and the numbers are growing. Small business is big business for those who follow their entrepreneurial dreams.

Unlike corporate-giant competitors, we know small business face a unique set of challenges to market their goods and services. Time, resources and finances top the list of obstacles faced on a daily basis. Efficient use of each of these helps our small businesses thrive.

There are millions shipping options available to small businesses. Online comparison and bargain shippers can be complicated, and might end up costing more than they’re worth. The United States Postal Service® has been in the business of delivering America’s mail since 1775. Companies large and small rely on the Postal Service® to meet shipping needs efficiently and effectively. Our innovative advancements and technology are tools that help business customers succeed.

Many shop owners use the Postal Service Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®), a mapping tool that lets them organize their mailings by route and ZIP Code®. Postal Service professionals have helped them select the right mailpiece and manage entire mailings, including mail prep and entry for years. We have seen, first hand, the unique needs of businesses and have listened for ways to build and improve shipping solutions.

The Direct Mail End-to-End Marketing Solution is a key means to help simplify unique shipping needs. Small businesses can execute a direct mail campaign from start-to-finish in about 15 minutes – quick, easy and effective. This solution allows small businesses to harness the value of printer affiliate partners, which ultimately helps grow their businesses.

This online platform is a self-service environment; rich with information and a decision-tree path that helps the user complete a direct mail campaign transaction. It simplifies transactions with the Postal Service by creating an environment where small business customers can plan and execute a fully-integrated direct marketing campaign. Harnessing the resources of printer affiliate business partners, we have created a solution that provides small businesses the tools they need to conduct transactions, end-to-end, with the Postal Service.

This service is available on the Mailing and Printing Services page of, or visit

Mary Anderson, USPS Director of Small Business 


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