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Spread cheer with USPS Operation Santa

Making wishes come true

Helping Santa bring goodwill, cheer and sacks of goodies to children across the country

I am thrilled that the holiday season is upon us. USPS Operation Santa is now in full swing, and we again get to experience the kindness and warmth the American public can express to strangers in need.

What started in 1912 as an act of tenderness — postal workers in New York responding to letters mailed to Santa’s workshop — has now become a national treasure. Every person in every community now has the chance to adopt a child’s letter and send them gifts to fulfill their holiday dreams.

For me, the outpouring of charity through USPS Operation Santa — the sheer amount of people in this country who want to brighten a child’s life with no reward other than the gift of giving — brings the spirit of the holiday season to life.

This cherished tradition also reminds me of the Postal Service’s unique bond with this country and how, every day, we reach and connect every person in America.

The magic of treasured tradition is encapsulated in the 2020 documentary “Dear Santa.” This moving and heartfelt film explores the experiences of postal workers, adopters and recipients and captures the warmth and decency of people and communities throughout this country.

This is a beautiful piece of filmmaking. If you haven’t seen it yet, give yourself a gift this holiday season and watch it with your loved ones on one of the major streaming channels. A full list of channels, trailers and some interesting background on the movie can be found at

We really enjoyed assisting in making “Dear Santa” and are already working on a new collaboration that delves into different aspects of USPS Operation Santa. Keep your eyes open for that to air on a major network next year.

The Postal Service is constantly working to improve and promote the program, and thanks to the hard work and diligence of colleagues like Senior Public Relations Representative Sue Brennan, we are adding some exciting enhancements to make it more accessible.

We are dreaming big to ensure USPS Operation Santa is enjoyed for generations to come. This is a wonderful story, and if you want to know more about our plans and the legacy of this magical tradition, please join Sue and me when we sit down with the hosts of the Postal Service’s Dec. 7 “Mailin’ It podcast to talk about the joy of working on this treasured institution.

We look forward to meeting you there.

By Christopher Karpenko, USPS executive director, brand marketing


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