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USPS Grow Your Business Workshops Held at Rural Post Offices


USPS business workshops designed to help rural businesses

In 2014, President Obama created an initiative to help rural businesses grow and invest abroad.

Made in Rural America involves a variety of federal agencies, including the United States Postal Service, which is hosting “Grow Your Business” workshops at rural Post Offices™ nationwide. The free workshops will be held in 24 states through August 31, 2016.

What the business workshops will offer

At these workshops, Postmasters and USPS® international shipping experts will provide hands-on instruction in the use of online interactive tools on to help rural businesses expand internationally. Featured topics will include international export services and solutions focusing on online customs forms, Priority Mail Express International  Mail™, Priority  Mail™ services, and other global shipping options offered by USPS®.

“We are proud to offer international shipping expertise and hands on know-how in support of the Made in Rural America initiative,” said Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman. “At sixty workshops around the country, local Postmasters will demonstrate how to use online tools for easier mailing prep and educate attendees on global shipping options.”

“Our goal is to make expanding into foreign markets easier than ever imagined for rural entrepreneurs and businesses,” he added.

Representatives from USPS® and other federal agencies are looking forward to meeting with  Postal Service customers to collaborate and help businesses grow world-wide. With the advances of communication, transportation, technology, and a desire for quality products, the global marketplace is more accessible than ever to businesses of all sizes.

Helping you to grow your business

The U.S. Postal Service® continues to create easy and affordable services to help small and mid-size businesses in rural America expand their global reach. Whether you’re a large or small business, shipping solutions at USPS® are crafted to help you grow.

To find a Made in Rural America workshop in your area, visit and click on your state. The site will be updated as details for each workshop become available and additional workshops are added.

Online tools designed for rural businesses interested in international exports include and

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