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USPS Mailing Tips for Sending a Letter or Package to Summer Camp

Spring is here and an important activity is taking place in households across the country. No, not spring-cleaning — Summer Camp planning.

Summer camp registration is underway and both parents and kids are on the hunt for camps that offer that perfect mixture of learning, fun and adventure.

Part of finding the right camp is deciding whether you want to send your child to a local day camp, or to what’s called a “sleep away camp,” where he or she can spend anywhere from a week to the entire summer away from home.

The prospect of going to a sleep away camp can create many emotions for kids and parents, especially when it comes to questions of how to stay in touch.

Camps may discourage daily phone calls or allow visits only on special family days. The mail, however, provides a convenient, personal and reliable means to check in.

A summer camp letter or package can also serve as special mementos that forever preserve the memories of cool activities and meeting new friends.

If you are planning to send your child to a sleep away camp and are already thinking of what to include in that first care package, the Postal Service™ has a variety of Mail and Shipping Products to suit your needs.

In addition, for your letters and postcards, don’t forget our variety of stamps.

There are rules for sending out summer camp mail, so it is important to know what you can and can’t send.

Some camps, for instance, don’t allow electronics or food items, while others don’t allow packages at all.

Summer Camp Mail Tips:

Verify the camp’s mailing address. Don’t assume the mailing address is the same as the camp’s physical address.

Avoid sending expensive or extravagant gifts. Not only may it be against camp rules, but it may be distracting to the campers who may not receive such gifts.

Share the camp’s mailing address with family and friends who may want to send letters and packages to your little camper.

Pack pre-addressed and stamped envelopes. Having an envelope all ready to go can make it easier for your children to send letters home.

Send items your children can share with other campers, such as board games, books and arts and crafts.

Have a great time this summer–Happy Campers!


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