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Informed Delivery™ Debuts at the 2017 National Postal Forum

Informed Delivery™ is a new USPS offering that lets customers see emailed images of their incoming physical mail has attracted more than 2 million users, with 10,000 more people on board every day. The Postmaster General and CEO Megan J. Brennan made the announcement, during the opening session of the National Postal Forum, the country’s premier mailing and shipping conference.

Informed Delivery™ makes mail even more dynamic, adding a whole new layer to the evolution of the mail experience. A free feature that provides emailed images of incoming mail to registered residential customers. It brings mail into the daily digital and mobile lives of consumers, builds anticipation of the physical mail piece, and provides mail senders with a new mobile platform from which to attach digital messages.

The National Postal Forum is an annual national gathering of the mailing industry’s most influential thought leaders, innovators and visionaries. The 2017 Forum took place this week in Baltimore, MD, and featured four days of postal and industry leadership addresses, instructional workshops and networking events designed to help the mailing industry and associated businesses achieve greater successes. Making for a perfect place to debut the Informed Delivery™ free feature.

During the conference, the Postmaster General also committed to a strategy of reinventing and investing in technology, infrastructure and innovation. She also encouraged the mailing and shipping industry to speed the pace of best practice and new technology adoption.

Also showcased during the conference was the power of Informed Visibility — the Postal Service’s advanced data platform and analytics capability — to enable coordinated marketing campaigns. By providing real-time delivery data to senders, Informed Visibility allows businesses to weave together and tailor powerful integrated marketing programs based on the moment mail reaches the mailbox.

This year the forum drew a crowd of more than 3,000. Brennan and other USPS leadership outlined key Postal Service investments and initiatives that are benefitting the mailing and shipping industry — emphasizing the important role that data and digital integration are playing.

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