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Mail Connects People

Staying Connected with Mail

People love to receive mail from family and friends. My grandson enjoys getting the mail from his rural mailbox and is excited when he finds something addressed to him or his sister inside. He also likes sending mail to me. My grandkids can’t write yet, so they send original artwork — scribbles, paintings or papers covered with stickers. It shows they were thinking of me and makes the miles we are apart seem not quite so far.

Letter writing, sending cards or jotting a quick expression on a postcard keeps people connected. A handwritten note or a signature in a card adds a unique personal touch. According to a recent survey by the Postal Service, people continue to mail cards and letters as a way to keep in touch during the coronavirus pandemic.

USPS Market Research and Insights: COVID Mail Attitudes — Understanding and Impact also found that mailing to friends and loved ones helped people overcome feelings of isolation.

When mailing a letter or postcard, there are a few things to remember.

  1. Size: Choose the right size envelope or postcard for what you want to send.

  2. Address: Include a full address for the recipient on the front and your own return addresses in the upper left corner.

  3. Postage: Apply the correct postage as determined by size, bulkiness and weight.

Mailing your stamped envelope or postcard is easy. You can leave it for your mail carrier to pick up or drop it off in several locations.

More information about how to send a letter or postcard can be found on and in the Postal Posts article Adulting for the Holidays.

The Postal Store has some beautiful cards and stationery, along with other shipping supplies and stampsSend some love and stay connected. Your thoughtfulness will deliver smiles!


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