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Postal Heroes

CCA answers call for help

When San Diego District’s Scripps Ranch City Carrier Assistant Sofia Zavala-Vasquez was delivering mail at a home in Scripps Ranch last month, she heard someone softly crying from inside the garage.

She stopped and asked, “Is someone there? Are you okay?” The customer replied, “No, I’m in a lot of pain and I think my hip is broken.”

Unable to get into the locked garage, Zavala-Vasquez called her supervisor, Sharon Tran, to let her know what was happening. Tran called 911 and instructed Zavala-Vasquez to stay with the customer until help came. The paramedics quickly arrived and were able to get into the customer’s home through a backyard window.

The customer, 80-year-old Peggy Tanaka, said she fell from the stairs and had been lying in the garage for over three hours. She was taken to the hospital with a dislocated hip.

Mrs. Tanaka is now back home and resting well. She and her neighbors praised Zavala-Vasquez for her actions and said they are thankful to her and the USPS for all we do.

Carrier’s lifesaving lift

San Diego District’s Santee Letter Carrier David Crestik came to work recently expecting it to be another day at the office.  But, as he was delivering mail at a mobile home park, he noticed dark smoke coming out of the window from a nearby mobile home.

Crestik quickly went to the mobile home, knocked on the door and yelled out to the resident. Through the screen door he saw an elderly woman lying on the floor.  As he entered the mobile home there was thick smoke everywhere. He knew he had to get the woman out of the mobile home, but she was not able to walk.

He lifted her from the floor and carried her to a safe area outside. Crestik then called 911 and stayed with the customer until the paramedics came. Crestik was later honored by a representative from the Mayor’s office of Santee. He was awarded a plaque for his heroism and the Mayor of Santee officially declared August 10, 2014 David Crestik day.


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