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Put your mail on hold — not your summer fun

The bags are packed and you’re ready to go.

Timers for lights set? Check.

Refrigerator cleaned out? Check.

Wait, what about the mail?

Rather than hope little Johnny next door is willing to retrieve your mail every day in exchange for a box of salt water taffy from the beach, why not use the convenience of the Postal Service’s Hold Mail service?

This service can conveniently be scheduled online at by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS, or by submitting a completed PS Form 8076, Authorization to Hold Mail, at your local Post Office. You can schedule the service 30 days in advance or by 2 a.m. Central time, Monday through Saturday, on the start date.

So before you back out of the driveway and stop your car while exclaiming, “Hold on!” put the hold on your mail to ensure it’s safe and secure while you’re away.


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